A³ : Always Achieve Agreement

Because negotiating is a skill, not an art, and you can master it!

We almost never call it by name: negotiating. 
And yet we do it every day. 
We negotiate with our children to clean their room or they'll negotiate with us about their pocket money. 
We negotiate with our partner about 'our' holiday destination and the hotel. 
We also negotiate with our colleagues, our boss, our suppliers and customers on almost anything. 

With this development program, I'm bringing you a modern, practical approach to negotiate in any situation.

However, I do not believe in win-win situations in negotiating. The reason? Often the other party wants the opposite of what you want. 

In a purchase/sales call it is most likely that they want the lowest price for purchase and you want the highest possible price as a seller. They want to stab as much money from your pockets into their pockets. 

Instead of teaching you how to get to a win-win situation, I’ll show you how to win when you negotiate AND make the other person feel that he or she has won. I will show you how to do this in such a way that the other person feels as a winner permanently. Not that he or she wakes up the next day with a nasty sense of "now I know what that bastad has done! Wait until I see'm again!"
On the contrary, they will remember the great time of fun and look forward to work with you. 


#  1. What is negotiating?
#  2. The four stages of the negotiation
#  3. The 9 key negotiating principles
#  4. The 15 ethical sound negotiation skills
#  5. Also 7 less ethical negotiation skills
#  6. Specific negotiation situation: mediation*
#  7. Specific negotiation situation: arbitration *
#  8. Specific negotiation situation: conflict resolution *
#  9. Time pressure
# 10. The importance of information
# 11. The 11 sources of power
# 12. The 5 drivers in negotiating 

(*) In this formation, the specific negotiation situations are very fundamental discussed. In an additional specific optional part of three hours each of these may be addressed in depth. 

Duration: 4 x 3 hours