Strategical Customer Fidelity

The program you don’t want your competition to follow.

This is a talent development program for your company, that commes with a strict condition. This strict condition is that all high-level policy makers in the company MUST be present. Whatever the title is, entrepreneur,  managers, executive and director, ATTEND THIS. 
But ofcourse only if you want more loyal customers, customers who spend more of their business and generally make more profit.

This program contains about 99.5 refined concepts around customer service. 
The program combines the skills, principles and practices of Total Quality Management with a system of Total Customer Delight and thus ensuring faithful Customer fidelity. 

In this program you will learn from the best, including: W. Edwards Deming, Joseph Juran, Philip Crosby, Armand Feigenbaum and Zig Ziglar. Each of them shares his powerful insights on crucial issues in terms of company policy regarding 'customer fidelity' so that you can develop a stronger organization throughout the program. Also to ensure that you see how the learning points can be effectively applied in reality.

Your advantage is that theory and practice vary often and quickly. This keeps it interesting and you'll see what actually works and what does not. This signature program contains  lot's of tools and a manual of almost 200 pages. 


#1: Introduction to ensure customer fidelity 

The relationship between TQM & TCD; What it takes to be perceived as a great company. It is probably not what you think. Horror stories. 

#2: Upside Down & Inside out 

How to turn your organization on its head and why this is necessary. The PDCA cycle will guide you once you start changing the existing company structure so that all change is customer-driven. 

# 3: Inner-Clients

Create superior value for your inner-clients (=employed talent) through communication and teamwork. Without inner-clients who are provoked for your products and the company is practically an impossible task to get external customers who are excited fans. 

# 4: External Customers 

Many companies have no idea why their customers buy from them. If they do not, the reasons usually are also unknown. The 'Customer Value Triangle'  will change your insights when you learn that delight  must be expressed through all facets of customer contact. 

# 5: A Customer Care Plan 

Everything you need to know about customer satisfaction and how to develop a customer fidelity plan. Which products and services are of vital importance to your customer are the foundation of any customer satisfaction program? How and where to pay attention, so the chain is strengthened Services-Benefits are the core of this part. 

# 6: Process Improvement  

Most steps in any process provide no added value to the customer. Learn how to cut 75% of these steps by using a tool: value added analysis. Identify your core values, vision and mission and use the PDCA cycle.
Leave your competition gasping for breath.

Duration: 6 x 3.5 hours