Developing talent for success:


There is a big difference between education, training and coaching. And all three are most important in developing talent.
In education, talent finds it’s information, it’s insights, it discovers the knowledge and learns how to think.


In order to master the skills to perform at the highest level however, training is equally important.
Training shows your people how to perform certain tasks and it allows them practice the set of skills they need in a RISK FREE and controlled  environment so that there is measurable progress.
You see, it is better to learn in class, then in cash.


Coaching is probably the most neglected and at the same time the most valuable aspect of talent development. Coaching is often the ‘missing’ part that prevents one from achieving the expected success.
Can you imagine golden medal winners at the olympics to achieve that level of success without a coach? Ofcourse not. The same goes for training and education. All three are most important.

Continuous education combined with on going training leads to excellent performance.

Coaching during the education is a neccessity to be able to manage, to steer and to zoom in on specific area’s of the educational program where the learner has weaknesses.

Coaching combined with‘training of the skills’ is essential to keep the motivation of the learner high.

That’s why these programs are called ‘development programs’ because I can include all three aspects in them: education, training and coaching.

Education + Training + Coaching = Growing Success

Yes, you can hire me to implement a full development traject for your talentcrowd. We can see what is possible. At most company’s it is very well possible to provide the full educational part, initiate the training and coaching, and then provide via my networks some local trainers and coaches to follow up.    And don’t worry, it won’t cost you a fortune. Contrary, the investment in one of these development programs will propably give you a return on investment beyond your wildest expectations.

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Tom Commeine