T³ : how to win with talented people


We run blindly with our heads against the wall!

Because ... 
More then ever we prove lip service to the "human capital" of our business while we maintain our long-standing penchant for recruiting and cultivating loyal "employees". We say that we take 'talent' seriously and meanwhile we fail to transform our business in a way that they are a real magnet for talent.

Putting people FIRST! (For real.) 

At every convetion of entrepreneurs, in almost every interview on how to improve our business, I hear this sentense: “people are our most valuable capital”. The problem? 
It is usually ... BIG BULLSHIT! It is just saying words, not the essence of what business DOES. Not the essense of what the top of an organisation invest it’s time in. 

Is your organisation any different? Let me ask you one question. 

When it’s the time for ... THE BIG QUARTERLY BOARD MEMBERS MEETING ... What’s the first point on top of the agenda? 
Financial results? Figures and budget? New products? Marketing campaigns? 
WHEN you sincerely belief that people are your most important asset, that talent is you true corporate capital, ... THEN TALENT MUST BE ON TOP OF THAT AGENDA. This  program is ALL ABOUT TALENT. 


# 1: Leadership Foundations 

Get a clear view on leadership. 
The correct image of oneself and the right image of others. Why we all need Hero’s, Role Models, A Mentor and A Coach.   What everyone wants.  
The choice is yours.
Character in action. 

# 2: Posture 

Your attitude and behavior as a leader. 
A 6-step formula 
Acknowledge Talent 
Meet and greet people 
An insurance policy for good posture 

# 3: excellence in developing talent

Eight steps to excellence 
Keep your dignity ... at all times 
Recognize highlights 
Learn to give constructive criticism 
Motivation, sources and techniques 

# 4: A strategy for achievement 

Why most people don’t set goals 
Why you need to have a strategy for achievement with a goals-action-plan. 
How to develop those? 
Each step in detail. 
Write a book   

# 5: Productivity 

About bamboo, the bumblebee and caterpillars 
Performance Analysis 
Obligations and limits 
Productivity Troubleshooting 
Team Improvement 
Creating Desire 

# 6: Strengthen your leadership 

About balloons, kids, and ofcourse again: talent
Your 'image' radiates 
Treasure hunt 

Duration: 4 hours per module 

Audience: EVERYONE. 
Because everyone sooner rather than later will have the choice to take leadership