From Loathing to Loving

Retain clients and convert’m into raving customers 

In today's business environment, customers are more demanding than ever. 

They expect to get what they want, when they want and often completely customized to their expectations. If they do not get it from one company, they can easily obtain it from another.

Since buying is an emotional process, the customer who ultimately "falls in love" and thus "buys" can emotionally flip 180°  into 'hatred' when the slightest thing goes wrong.

Every customer can now rate any business on internet!

In times where internet communications through social networks have such an important influence on the people this is dangerous. In times where every company can be found (by example on maps search)  and everyone an assessment or a 'review' can post about this company, this offers opportunities but also threats. It goes without saying that this is a very dangerous IF not properly handled.

Some other examples:

Every hotel knows now what the impact of negative customer reviews can be.
Each restaurant knows the impact of online customer reviews.
We all look at review sites to see what others think.

How do you handle this as a business or a professional?
How do you deal with customers who one moment are very enthusiastic and a little problem suddenly turn into customers who hate your business? And how to avoid worse?
I hear you asking, "can it be worse"? Yes. When hatred hardens into indifference. If the customer has become indifferent, because you can do whatever you want to try to make up, it affects the customer no longer emotional.

In this program you will discover the psychology, strategies and practical steps to go from 'falling in love' to evolve to 'love' with your customers and how to flip 'hate' lightning quick back love. In this program you will also discover how you can prevent that customers become indifferent.

This program consists of two parts of three hours.

The first part of 3 hours is for the management, designed to provide the leadership and the framework for an organizational culture that will be known for its 5 star service.

The second part is also a module of 3 hours for all employees and aims to show them what they can do in their daily work for clients to deliver a 5 star service, turn 'issues' into 'opportunities' and bring the client from hate to love.

Participants will discover: 

The changing psychology around the customer purchasing ...
How the world has changed with internet 2.0 where customers can write and review items, create "fan" but also "hate" pages on social media, publish their opinion on their favorite review website ...
The psychological path that a customer takes from falling in love to love and the potential hazards associated with turning into hatred  ...
To recognize the value of a customer for the company and themselves ...
Her or his own communication skills, (re) identifying and developing better communication with customers ...
Exercises and ideas to evolve into increasingly better customer service and an increasingly growing network of customers who love to come back and bring their family and friends along.

What management sees additional:

The conceptual framework 'company - employee - customer" in relation to the customer.
The levels of emotion in a customer and the factors that bring them to a certain level.
How to involve everyone in the organization in a winning strategy.
How to quickly and effectively implement this strategy.

Duration: 2 x 3 hours

Any company, organization and self who realizes how important it is to just dwell on the fact that customers are empowering your business results.
That customers are able to present your case, your product, your service via very quick access to the internet, when you do it the right way, but they can damage your business heavily if you screw up.