The Rose: irresistible marketing

69 idea’s on persuasive communication to empower you and your business.

For everyone in every profession in every business ... 

The basics of persuasive communication are truly 'fundamental'. 

In your personal life, persuading is key to dating, sex, the famous "Yes I will", children, your motorcycle or cabrio car, new house, piece of art, ... 

In your social life, persuading is what allows you to be accepted, be liked, getting along, make friends and strong relationships with others, and be respected as a valuable person the community. 

In your business life, persuading is also the underlaying driver for successful negotiations, team synergy, great customer relationships, attracting investors, public relations, sales and ofcourse marketing. Are you great at all of these, with no room for improvement, then this program is nothing for you. If you however are interesed to learn numerous powerful idea's that can equip you with an almost unfair advantage on every aspect mentioned where persuasive communication is involved, this is a program you surely want to follow. 

Attention! Only for those that are awake. 
Yes, you'll have to be awake, fit and in razorblade sharp state of mind to follow this program and get the most out of it. It's not for wimps. I move trough this seminar and it's content at lightning speed. 

69 idea's  ... In only 4 times 3 hours for the development program. That's about:
... 2 minutes per idea to learn, 
... 3 minutes to discuss, 
... 4 minutes to exercise to be able to 'acquire' it and 'apply' it. 

Next to that, some of the presented  idea's can be quite shocking for a number of people. 

Yes, 69 idea’s ... 

That if you implement only a fraction of them, will definitly have a positive influence in your life and change your life, your relationships and your business for the better. 

I created this seminar because several people that I meet with in my social network and in business are doing ‘things’ and ‘stuff’, but lack the insights to use persuasion as a mastered skill in order to achieve their true potential. I believe it’s to the benefit of everyone if we master persuasive communication because it’s only when we get things done that we progress.

69 idea’s on  ... 

... what persuasion is
... what the fundamentals are for  Personal Persuasive Power
... attractiveness and attraction
... positioning
... story telling ... desire
... inner motives
... nosiness
... germane
... creating persuasive advertising
... customer service that is persuasive
... the power of ‘we’ and ‘us’
... Thank you
... Being punctual
... Walk our talk
... Money
... Body language
... Perception
... Dreams
... Connecting
... Lunch
... Design
... Hustle
 ... And much more!

Extra: tools to measure results

Every signature program of mine contains tools to measure the results you get out of the development program. This is however NOT a signature program [Mostly because it has a completely different structure and educational approach]. Still it contains also a most valuable set of tools to develop yourself and to measure progress in your personal life and business endeavors.  

So develop yourself and the talent in your company to be more persuasive in every aspect of business and book this program now. 

Duration: 4 x 3.5 hours as program