The $ale$ Performance$ $ystem

Become a sales master and boost your sales results immediatly ... 

The ‘$ale$ Performance$ $ystem’ is based on the principles that these techniques for persuasive communication are only to be used when the salesperson has legitimate reasons to expect that the buyer will be happy and satisfied with the purchase, also in retrospective.

This development program literary  BULKS of sales knowledge and sales techniques.  It empowers the principle that selling is a continuous process, not a one time event. The partner exercises, team games and group discussions assure that learning will be enjoyable with lasting resulsts.

Program content overview:

The right mindset and attitude

Let’s question our profession: what is a sales professional? Is it a person of integrity? What does it mean, to be a professional, and are you one? What’s the difference between manipulation and motivation? Exactly how good are you and where can you improve? A test.  And a lot of stories.

The $ale$ Performane$ $ystem

The acronym ‘PerformanceS’ stands for a system that every salesperson can use, no matter what product or service she or he is selling, no matter if it’s business to business or direct sales to consumers. This is what it stands for:

Find a way to get in contact
Oriëntation of needs
Relating to the needs
Make your presentation
Notate that order
Conflict and objection handling
Extending sales oppurtunities
Service and afterservice

Let’s go trough the entire system, step by step  

Ofcourse we’ll go trough the entire system, step by step. Taking time to explore every part indepth and learn the importace of every part in the right sequence. You’ll learn the psychology behind every part, both from the sales person’s perspective as from the perspective of the cliënt.

Will I learn ... ? YES!

So will you learn how to prepare well and get the most out of the time at hand? 


Will you learn how get in touch with prospects and how to get ‘hot leads’? 


I encounter so many different types of people every day, will I learn how to sell to those different types of clients? 


Cold calling is something I’m weak at, is this seminar handling this topic too? 


Shall I receive tools that I can use afterwards? 

Yes. Actually you’ll receive and we’ll develop during the program several tools and scripts that you can use and keep on using in your day to day activities.

Our company only sells trough resellers, and I don’t know if this is a good program for my salespeople? 

Yes it is. Just let me know in advance and you’ll get additional specific tools for several steps in the system.

I don’t see any “techniques for closing the sale” mentioned? 

Well, sincerely, I don’t believe in ‘closing the sale’, I believe in ‘starting customership’. I’ll show you how to ‘open a relationship for the future’ and how to get commitment and notate, write down, that order as a logical part of the relationship.

Duration: 6  x 3.5 hours