I’ve been listening to WHAT YOU  DEMAND, EXPECT AND WISH FOR and I give you this GUARANTEE.  


I can not guarantee you that every participant will rate me at the end with a good score. What I definitly do not guarantee is that I’ll get an 80% positive score from all participants like some audits require. AND YOU’LL BE GLAD BECAUSE OF THAT.

BECAUSE what I DO guarantee are education, training and coaching with EXPLOSIVE IMPACT as their goal. Where it is about PASSION, FIRE and most of all: INTENSIVE CHANGE. Where people are CONFRONTED with themselves and get a REALITY CHECK. And since most people HATE CHANGE and shiver at the idea of being confronted with themselves ... It’s hard to get ‘good ratings’ for ‘commons standards’.
I’m sure you get it  ...

What I do guarantee is that I’m targetting at an IMPACT that is SO POWERFUL that participants will still remember the most important learning points EVEN 10 YEAR LATER. And THAT MATTERS.


“When there’s hope for the  future, there’s power in the present. ”
-- Zig Ziglar & John C. Maxwell.

Ofcourse I’ll endorse participants with knowledge.
Ofcourse I’ll give the participants valuable information.
Ofcourse in trainings I’ll equip participants with new skills. However I go much further.

My ultimate goal is BUILDING HOPE by creating TOGETHER a mission on FUNDAMENTALY CHANGING and IMPROVING the view, skills and attitude.


Do you want to book me for one of these programs or keynote’s? That’s great. I’m glad to give you all the above guarantee’s and also this unique money guarantee, it’s threefold:


Contact me, tell me what you want, and I’ll make you a fixed price offer all included: fee, royalties, manuals, customs, visa, traveling, hotel, expenses, taxes. It’s fixed, no changes, no extra costs, you’re safe.

It’s not based on the number of participants, so you benefit exponential from the freedom to invite as many people as you like. So you’re able to invite anyone you like: business associates, clients, suppliers and friends to attend.


No matter how much the currency fluctuates, airplanes get more expensive, or hotels swing their prices or even taxes change: once we agree on a price, the price is fixed. No changes. No extra costs. You’re safe.


No charge for you to record it on audio or video and duplicate that recording in whatever way. (Ofcourse you’re free to restrict your own audience by example and afterwards, sell’m the recordings. I don’t mind you making money at all). Only the copyrights remain mine to all materials and I do like to earn a little royalty.  So contact me today to book me.


The venue of the seminars, trainings and keynotes must be in a location suitable for that type of event.

Time and duration:

The dates must be planned together with me. I still can’t duplicate myself and I’m only about 36 weeks a year available. So please, check my availability as soon as possible.

You can book me during weekdays and in the weekend. It is even possible to combine several programs into an adapted curriculum for several weeks.

Extra Bonus:

Imagine you want to book me for a 3 full-days program and want me to deliver for the local JCI or Toastmasters club a keynote in the evening,  I LOVE THAT. (If you’re not a JCI or Toastmasters member, don’t worry, it’s just an example, it may also be any other great club, like the Rotary, Lions, Kiwani’s, Ambasadors, Round Table, ... . Just inform me in advance so that I can prepare well.)